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Highgate Project - Stunning Home Interior by Strong Base

About Us

In 2007 the well-known Building Company SB Construction recognised the need to establish a high quality and reliable joinery service to take project management and client service within the construction sector to the next level. 

Having a workshop dedicated to the manufacture of our own products gave us more control over a project time line. We were no longer subject to unforeseen delays posed by using external carpentry and joinery services. We could avoid hold ups to the works dependent on those products being manufactured and progress as a whole on larger projects.

Our new arm of the business also allowed us to provide more quality assurance to our customers. We put together a team of the most skilled craftsmen who demonstrated impeccable workmanship in CNC milling, hand joinery, spray painting, finishing and veneering services. The products coming out of our workshop were guaranteed to be as beautifully crafted, luxurious and unique as the high end construction business required.

The success of our workshop and the quality of joinery it produced quickly lead to expansion. In response to a demand for its products, SBCJ was soon offering services to other construction firms, culminating in SBCJ becoming a limited company in 2012.

In 2019 we located to new, larger premises and invested in the latest CNC machinery and design technology. The purchase of this equipment has further improved both our products and our service.


We can create more unique and imaginative designs. We have more ways at our finger tips to display the possibilities to clients.  We can deliver improved lead times and competitive prices on our projects and we can promise high quality products with immaculate finishes to all our clients. 

The SBCJ team has the capacity to engage in projects both small and large scale, fabricate both bespoke items and bulk orders. This allows us to work directly with a home owner in search of something special, or in collaboration with architects and builders on a grand design.

The key to our business success has been the pride we take in our craft and the enjoyment our clients take in our creations.

Inside Our Workshop

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