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We perform a very thorough and detailed measuring service to ensure absolute accuracy for the manufacturing process.

Our workshop utilises the latest CNC machinery and precision carpentry enabling us to create precise shapes and thus any element from wood. The use of 3 and 5 axis CNC allows a faster turnaround time, so we can complete projects faster and in series. All our products are fabricated completely in house by our highly skilled and dedicated team who are specialists in CNC milling, hand joinery, spray painting and veneering.

We welcome you to come and have a tour of our workshop, learn more about the technologies we use and meet our team of experts. It is the combination of these three elements that make us a stand out in our field and we are more than happy for you to visit and see why we would be the best choice for your project.

Once on site we will continue this level of care and attention to detail removing all existing joinery where necessary and ensuring the site is clear and ready for installation. Our team will execute installation with the utmost professionalism addressing the smallest detail and ensuring the process is efficient and stress free for clients. Client satisfaction remains our priority throughout the project.

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